Attend an Event

Find The Best Local Events Around You!

Nightlite allows users, Guests, to browse what’s happening on the glowing Nightlite map and then to purchase tickets to one of a kind home based events, education and entertainment experiences,

Attend All Kinds of Events

There are many categories and combinations of those categories to choose from.




Food & Drink

Music Shows

App Features

  • Find the best local events around you
  • Share and invite friends to your events
  • Purchase tickets and reserve your spot!
  • Switch to "Host" account with a single tap

Become a Host

Hosts create experiences which utilize their skills, passion, creativity or talents. The Host then creates an event on Nightlite and sells tickets. The Hosts determine the price for their unique experience. Nightlite allows the Host to turn your kitchen into a restaurant, your back yard into a venue space, your living room into an art gallery, your garage into a yoga studio or your family room into a classroom. The imagination has no limit on Nightlite.

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