Something About Us

Nightlite is a peer-to-peer social media app that connects people on a personal level while answering the age-old question, “What do you want to do tonight?”. Nightlite allows users to browse what's happening on the Nightlite glowing map, then purchase tickets to unique home-based events, education and entertainment experiences.

Discover Local Events

Guests and Hosts will be able to browse and discover local events with our intuitive map.

Easily Sell Tickets

Friendly user experience will guide Hosts in selling their tickets.

Host Anywhere

You can Host your events within the privacy of your own home or publicly at your local parks. The possibilities are endless.

Attend & Host All Kinds of Events

The imagination has no limits on the types of events you may host.




Watch Video

Food & Drink

Music Shows


Become a Host

Hosts create experiences which utilize their skills, passion, creativity or talents. The Host then creates an event on Nightlite and sells tickets. The Hosts determine the price for their unique experience. Nightlite allows the Host to turn your kitchen into a restaurant, your back yard into a venue space, your living room into an art gallery, your garage into a yoga studio or your family room into a classroom. The imagination has no limit on Nightlite.

Attend an Event

Nightlite allows users, Guests, to browse what’s happening on the glowing Nightlite map and then to purchase tickets to one of a kind home based events, education and entertainment experiences,